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Lead walking

Training Sessions

Help with general training problems both inside and outside of the home.

Does your dog pull on lead or not listen to you when you ask them to do something? Or perhaps they jump up at people and struggle to be calm around visitors. There many common training problems faced by dog owners and some not so common, I can work with both you and your dog to overcome the struggles you face.

You don't have to have training problems to work with me, maybe you want to advance your skills, learn tricks or more advanced heelwork; or perhaps you are looking for ways to strengthen your bond with your dog.

The one to one sessions can be completed face to face, via online meeting or a mixture of both. I want to ensure everyone can access help when needed, so if you will struggle to pay, we can discuss spreading payments to make it more affordable (please ask about this during your discovery call).

You can book for each single one hour session and pay for sessions as and when you need them, or chose one of the package deals and save some of your hard earnt cash!

Please note fuel is charged at 45p per mile for travel more than 10 miles from Rishworth.

Why choose me?

Because I can prove my training skills and knowledge, so you can trust you are working with someone who knows what they are doing. 

I have gained my Expert Trick Dog and Advanced Masters Trick Dog titles, using modern training techniques, to teach a multitude of complex tricks. 

I am trained in competition style heelwork to an advanced level and have a working knowledge of competitive obedience.

I am a fully qualified behaviourist and an affiliate member of International Canine Behaviourists, along with being a member of The School of Canine Science and The Dog Training College. 

And, last but not least, I am a level 3 qualified Coach, I understand learning and coaching techniques, enabling you to feel fully supported.

All new clients do need to attend a free discovery call before they can book and pay for their sessions. 

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Book using the online calendar by visiting the page below:



Book by sending me a WhatsApp message:



Book by sending an email to:


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Need to know more or ready to book?

All new clients must attend a free discovery call, so we can chat about your support needs and so you get the chance to speak with me before agreeing to any paid sessions.

I like to be honest and up front with all clients, so these calls give us the chance to talk through whether the problem's you are facing require behaviour modification sessions rather than general training. 

I want you to feel confident and relaxed when we meet for the first time and having a chat on the phone first can help. We can talk through any concerns and questions you may have, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. These are NOT sales calls and you will not be pressured into making a booking.

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I have a wide range of options to suit all needs, which you can find below. These include face to face sessions and online sessions. You can pay for individual sessions as and when you need them, or save money and by one of the amazing package deals. 

Single session (1hr)



Training with you and your dog (in person or online)

Support materials for training tasks

Bronze Package



One hour initial training session

x2 Additional training sessions (1hr each)

Support when needed (email and phone)

Support materials for training tasks

Silver Package



One hour initial training session

Written training plan

x3 Additional training sessions (1hr each)

Support when needed (phone and email)

Support materials for training tasks

£5 off future follow up sessions (for 3 months)

Best Value

Gold Package



One hour initial training session

Written training plan

x5 Additional training sessions (1 hr each)

Support when needed (phone and email)

Support materials for training tasks

£5 off each further session (for 3 months)

book your discovery call

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