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Make your own custom Biothane Muzzle


I really wanted to do something to help everyone affected by the up and coming ban. Those dog's that are exempted will be required to wear a muzzle at all times in public. I know just how difficult it is to get a muzzle to fit, my own girl is a Staffy cross Bulldog and she has a very odd shaped head. I really struggled to get a muzzle to fit her, so I ended up making my own Biothane muzzle. I have set up this online course to go through making a custom Biothane muzzle, that will be made to fit your dog's specific measurements. This is a FREE course and anyone is welcome to join, not just those affected by the ban. It can be a time consuming but rewarding process and this may be a good option for those of you that are struggling to order a custom made muzzle to arrive in time for the ban. Please do share this course, I want to reach and help as many people as possible 🥰 IMPORTANT NOTE - If your dog is a bite risk, they will need a wire basket muzzle not a Biothane one.




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