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The Caring Canine Coach
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A bit about me

I'm Sarah also known as The Caring Canine Coach! In my spare time, I love training my own dog and have a special love of training tricks!  We have gained our Expert Trick Dog title which was lot's of fun.


Over the past year, we have been learning competition style heelwork, which we both really enjoy. A real passion of mine, is learning about dog sports and how to work with high drive dogs with lot's of energy. My dog is not an easy dog and we have faced many challenges, that's why you will find me both understanding and sympathetic of your situation, with no judgement.

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My Story

I have completed a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and was thrilled to be awarded a distinction grade. I am now studying towards achieving my Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour. To add to the mix, I am also completing courses on ScentWork, Competition Style Heelwork and Competition Obedience.

I am a Certified Canine Behaviourist with International Canine Behaviourists (ICB), you can be sure that my qualifications, ethics and skills have been assessed and that I have a support network of other professionals to aid my continuous learning and development.



Ethics are important to me, I am  a member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter and The Pet Professional Guild as a Canine Training Professional (please note, you will find me listed on, I will appear on the UK directory once my account is transferred over (made a mistake when applying))

I am also undertaking a three year Canine Behaviourist course with The School of Canine Science, to become a School of Canine Science Behaviourist and am now on my final year.

Previously, I completed a 30 Days of Canine Science course, learning key training concepts and structured exercises which I put into practice when working with you and your dog.

I have completed a full course on puppy development, learning about the key stages of development, common problems, socialisation, puppy training and how to integrate a new puppy with babies, children, other dogs and animals.

I am dedicated to continued learning and professional development, along with working with other canine professionals, experts and organisations. For me learning never stops and I feel it is important to have a network of support around me to bounce ideas off and to ensure I am providing the best support to you and your dog. With this in mind, I am an unlimited pass holder with Dog Training College which means I have access to specialist courses and experts in the field of canine training and behaviour. I am also a Canine Reactivity & Scentwork Specialist with Dog Training College and am Dog Law Certified. 






Values are important to me, when working with you I will always be supportive, non-judgemental, honest, caring, compassionate and kind. In the interest of honesty, there are certain problems I am not able to support with yet, for example dogs that are aggressive, suffering with OCD like behaviours and those that have a bite history. You may notice me sharing posts on social media of me working on behaviour cases, alongside other behaviourists whilst I develop my skills in dealing with more complex cases. I firmly believe that learning never ends and I will continue to develop my skills to ensure I can deliver the best service and support to you and your dog.

I use my studies to ensure I work to the highest of ethical standards and using up to date training techniques. I will NEVER use force or fear during training as there are more effective and kinder ways to train dogs. You can also be assured that I am a qualified coach, with a Level 3 Certificate in Coaching; I promise to be supportive, kind and clear with the tasks you and your dog need to complete as part of your training plan.

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