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I will always be nonjudgemental but what does that mean for you as a client?

Image of nonjudgemental values

You’ll notice on my website that I state what my values are and how I will always follow them when working with both you and your dog. I want to explain them in a little more detail, as it’s easy to glance over them but not fully understand what that means for you as a client.

Today’s post is about my value of being nonjudgemental and what that really means.

I know having a dog who does things you don’t want them to do, can be difficult and embarrassing; believe me I have been there! You do not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed when working with me, I am not there to judge you, I am there to help and support.

I won’t judge you if you are struggling to cope or need some emotional support, I understand how upsetting and stressful it is, when the dog you love is having problems.

If your dog barks or lunges at me, humps me or pulls like a train on their lead – I won’t judge you for that either. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying dog behaviour, your dog’s behaviour is normal to me.

I won’t judge you for anything that you have tried previously. I want you to feel you can trust me and not be afraid to be honest. Especially when we begin working together and I am collecting history about your dog and the problems that you are facing.

You may be judging yourself because your dog has some undesirable behaviours, but you can be assured I won’t be judging you.

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