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Music as enrichment

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Did you know you can use sound as an enrichment activity? Studies have shown that some dogs like classical and others reggae, so today we are going to use sound as a fun enrichment activity!

All you need to do is play the below video to your dog, make sure the sound is turned up but not so high it startles them. Note how your dog responds to each track played:

  • Do you notice any movement in their ears?

  • Are their eyes closing?

  • Do they look more alert?

  • Are they more relaxed with a certain style of music?

Let me know how your dog responded in the comments below.

You don’t need to stop here either, if your dog found one or more of the tracks relaxing, why not play this type of music to them occasionally? Remember though, just like us dogs can get bored of hearing the same music track or they may prefer peace and quiet, so be sure to use a selection of tracks and ensure your dog can leave the room if they don’t want to listen.

As with all activities, make sure you supervise your dog and watch for any signs they aren’t enjoying listening to the music.


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