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Dog training
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Dog training and behaviour support
in Oldham and Rochdale

Do you live in the Rochdale or Oldham area and need some help with your dog’s training or behaviour? I am a fully insured trainer and qualified dog behaviourist. I am a member of International Canine Behaviourists, working with all breeds of dog (including XL Bullys). 

Some of the most common training problems I work with are:

Lead pulling

Jumping up at people

Lack of focus

Not coming when called

Chasing cats or other animals

Basic obedience

Plus much more.

For behaviour problems, I work with clients to help them with:

Reactivity to people or other dogs

Separation anxiety

General anxiety


Toileting inside the home

Resource guarding

Plus much more.


The training is individual and tailored to both you and your dog. Not only will I go through the training with you in our sessions, you will also get resources to help you follow the training between sessions.


I take a nonjudgmental and caring approach, there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed about your dog's behaviour. I have spent hundreds of hours studying dog behaviour, so your dog's behaviour is completely normal to me!

I am only over the hill in Rishworth, so I can come and see you for face to face sessions at your home or in your local area, without any extra charges for fuel. 

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Training or Behaviour support

Support and training sessions delivered at your chosen location or via online meeting.

Peeping Pug

Puppy Support

A puppy package that runs for six weeks, including support sessions and a puppy training plan. Online or face to face.

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