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Broccoli & kale sprouts for your dog

Are you looking for a cheap and fun way to add some nutritious greens to your dog’s diet? Look no further, get growing your own broccoli or kale sprouting seeds!

These little sprouts are packed full of goodness, including antioxidants and vitamins; there is also some interesting research that broccoli can even help in the fight against canine cancer!

I have been growing my own for years now and I really enjoy the process. It’s super easy and quick to do, so I wanted to share with you how you can grow your own.

You will need to buy the seeds and the sprouting jar kit to get started. I got mine from Amazon:

Sprouting Jar Kit:

Broccoli Seeds:

Here are the instructions for growing them:

Step 1

Cover the bottom of the jar with seeds.

Fill with around an inch of water.

Leave to soak in a dark cupboard for 8 hours.

Step 2

Place in a sunny window.

Rinse the seeds twice a day. Simply fill the jar with water through the mesh lid, then empty again.

Step 3

Wait around 3-5 days or until the seeds have sprouted.

Sprinkle over your dog’s food as a nutritious topper!

Keep rinsing them and they will last days.

Have fun and enjoy 🥰

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