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Signs of pain

Updated: Mar 15

It can be difficult to tell when your dog is in pain. They may hide it well and it can be easy to miss the more subtle signs. Here are five subtle signs your dog may be in pain. If you spot any of these signs, discuss them with your vet:

Licking, scratching & pawing

This normally directed at a specific part of the body and can include nibbling or biting the area.

Panting & yawning

If your dog is panting and/or yawning when they aren’t hot or after exercise.

Holding tail abnormally

This can include holding the tail to one side, or carrying it tucked between the back legs.

Changes in behaviour

Such as suddenly becoming reactive to other dogs or people, stopping on walks, not wanting to go for a walk and sleeping more than normal.

Avoiding touch

This can include not wanting to be petted and avoiding having their walking equipment on.

An image explaining five signs of pain in dogs

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